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Raw Talk Ep 1 - The Zero Hour


Raw Talk Ep 2 - An intro you can't refuse


Raw Talk Ep 3 - Too much, too little, too late


Raw Talk Ep 4 - Sweating Bullets


Raw Talk Ep 5 - Here I go again


Raw Talk Ep 6 - Holy Diver


Raw Talk Ep 7 - Stand up and shout


Raw Talk Ep 8 - I just came here to vent


Raw Talk Ep 9 - We should agree to disagree


Raw Talk Ep 10 - Why don't we get drunk... and scr**?


Raw Talk Ep 11 - Armadillos By Morning


Raw Talk Ep 12 - Crazy


Raw Talk Ep 13 - Why Can't We be Friends


Raw Talk Ep 15 - We've Only Just Begun


Raw Talk Ep 16 - We Built This City on Rock and Roll


Raw Talk Ep 17 - Papa Don't Preach


Raw Talk Ep 18 - The Age of Aquarius


Raw Talk Ep 19 - You Shook Me All Night Long


Raw Talk Ep 20 - So This is Love


Raw Talk Ep 21 - Running With The Devil


Raw Talk Ep 22 - Undetermined


Raw Talk Ep 23 - The Unforgiven


Raw Talk Ep 24 - Undermined


Raw Talk Ep, 25, We've only just begun


Raw Talk Ep, 26, Head Games


Raw Talk Ep 27 - No One Else on Earth


Raw Talk Ep 28 - Don't Stop Believing


Raw Talk Ep 29 - Wasted Days and Wasted Nights


Raw Talk Ep. 30 - The Rescuers


Raw Talk Ep 31 - You Never Even Called Me By My Name


Raw Talk Ep 32 - Should I stay or Should I go


Raw Talk Ep 33 - Walk This Way - w/ Special Guest... Vapn' Vapes


Raw Talk Ep 34 -  This is what YouTube Doesn't want you to know....


Raw Talk Ep, 35, Here's a Quarter Call Someone Who Cares


Raw Talk Ep, 36, Staying Alive


Raw Talk Ep, 37 , Lay It On The Line

Raw Talk Ep. 38 - Hell's Bells


Raw Talk Ep, 39, Take it to the Limit


Raw Talk Ep, 40, 867-5309


Raw Talk Ep, 41, My Sharona


Raw Talk Ep, 42, Still Loving You


Raw Talk Ep, 43, I'm Hernery the Eighth I Am...


Raw Talk Ep, 44, YYZ


Raw Talk Ep, 45, Back in the New York Groove


Raw Talk Ep, 46, Take The Money And Run


Raw Talk Ep, 47, Follow You Home


Raw Talk Ep, 48, Mic Test, Real Time


Raw Talk Ep, 49, Crazy Train


Raw Talk Ep, 50, Ode to Billy Jo


Raw Talk Ep, 51, There's Only One Way To Rock


(Part One) Raw Talk Ep, 52, Reelin’ in the Years


(Part Two) Raw Talk Ep, 52, Reelin’ in the Years


Raw Talk Ep, 53, Banned from the internet


Raw Talk Ep, 54, We're the fellas your momma warned you about


Raw Talk Ep, 55, The STD-Free show


Raw Talk Ep, 56, Ripped from the headlines


Raw Talk Ep, 56, You won't believe what we saw


Raw Talk Ep, 57, The Unkown Secrets of the Deep Beige Web


Raw Talk Ep, 58, Here's what YouTube doesn't want you to know.


Raw Talk Ep, 59, Amazon Hates When You Do This.


Raw Talk Ep, 60, ICMY...


Raw Talk Ep, 61, We Are Bots...




Raw Talk Ep, 63, Don't Touch That Dial


Raw Talk Ep, 64, The Unteachables


Raw Talk Ep, 65, Eat My Shorts


Raw Talk Ep, 66, Everyone Loves a Clown


Raw Talk Ep, 67, Growing Pains


Raw Talk Ep, 68, Here's What We Know Now


Raw Talk Ep, 69, No Problem Is Too Big For Us To Solve

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